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Counseling Services at Navan Road Chiropractic

Marty (Martha) McCleary MPSI, MIACP, BA (Hon.) in Behavioural Science โ€“ (Psychology Concentration); Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy, The Tivoli Institute

Marty works in most areas of experience, including: Relationships, Depression, Anxiety, Sexual Harassment, Bullying, Abuse, Suicide Prevention. Marty works from experience and nearly ten years of education in Psychological, Psychotherapeutic & Counselling Theory to help in areas such as: Confidence Building, Self-esteem & Assertiveness, Personal Growth Work, To include: Life fulfilment: Goals & Blocks, Retirement: A Process, Boredom & Listlessness: + Changes.

Marty understands how deeply personal our private lives are, and sincerely respects your right to confidentiality. Providing an opportunity for you to explore new possibilities, allows you a different understanding of past hurts and experiences. Thus allowing for, A โ€“ New โ€“ U.

To contact Marty please ring or email: 01 838 5590, 087 127 4937,