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Chiropractor in Dublin :: Dr. Robert McCleary

Go see who?” “The Chiropractor” was the answer.

Dublin Chiropractor, Dr. Robert McCleary

Dr. Robert McCleary (Chiropractor)

A friend had suggested I see his chiropractor after I had suffered a low back injury while working in a factory making cheesecake of all things. Mind you I made 40 tons of cheesecake a day. After my injury I attended the company doctor who prescribed medications, that made me sick to my stomach, and a month off work. After two days of feeling worse I attended the chiropractor and in just a few more days I was back at work pain-free. That experience dramatically changed my view of health care.

My Chiropractic Education & Training

On pursuing my career in chiropractic I chose to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic for my training. Palmer is the founding college of the chiropractic profession. Since my original experience with chiropractic and through ongoing care, I found myself to be in overall better health and to have much more energy. In my training at Palmer I found out why that had happened. Learning the intimate relationships between the spine, nervous system, and overall health and well being was fascinating and very exciting. Also during my education I developed a keen interest in radiology (the study of x-ray). In addition to the standard chiropractic internship towards the end of the curriculum I was also an x-ray intern supervising and evaluating underclassmen in the study of x-ray techniques.

At Navan Road Chiropractic

My keen interest in radiology endures to this day, however x-ray in nothing more than a tool along with physical examination and health history for determining the best course of action for any given patient. To this day I can still hear a particular pathology professor giving us the best advise for evaluating a patient. “Listen”. I also tell it like it is with patients. I explain what has happened and what to expect throughout the course of treatment. Simply knowing what is going on can have a profound positive effect on the healing process. I treat every patient with respect and empathy as does all of our staff.

At Home

I am married to Marty who also features in these pages.Marty is a counseling Psychologist. We have been on our journey together for “thirtyish” years and have one married daughter and three beautiful grandchildren.

To keep myself fit enough to play with grandchildren I attend a gym regularly. My wife and I also enjoy long brisk walks in the Phoenix Park which is just next door to our office. I also love the occasional round of golf and to save myself from too much consternation I don’t really worry much about the score. And of course the cornerstone of my personal healthcare is regular chiropractic adjustments.

Thank you for your Trust and Dedication

In the past twenty years of practice here in Dublin it has been my great pleasure to be of service to thousands of patients. To those of you that we have served we offer a sincere thank you for your trust and dedication to our services. To those of you considering chiropractic as a treatment option for your particular health issues, please take that first step and give us a call. We are here to help.